Fuchs “fox” in German.

45x45cm adorable pillllowww ^___^ 

$16.00 USD

Chasing Foxes on Tree Round Art High Quality Set of 4 Round Coasters.

$24.24 USD.

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Color Morphs in the Wild Red Foxes of Europe by Urban-Mongoose

I finally finished it. @_@

Click through to the dA link for the full-size image, a much more detailed description of each color, where it occurs and links to images of each color. 

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can’t stop drawing rude foxes

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Oh! For fox sake white coffee mug

This mug is hand painted and reads “OH! For Fox Sake!” and has an original drawing of a cute little fox. The other side is blank. The mug is white and measures 8.5cm in diameter and 10cm in height. It is sealed with two coats of good quality gloss and is heat cured. Every mug is hand painted/drawn with love and care! 

The mug is brand new and is drawn/painted in a smoke-free environment. Hand wash gently with non abrasive materials. 

Combined shipping is for multiple items is cheaper. 

Please allow 4-5 working days for me to make your item.

All mugs are right handed which means the design is facing outwards away from the drinker. Quote “Left handed” in the Note to Seller box if you would like your mug to be left handed.

This is an one of a kind design. Hope you like it. :)”

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Printable woodland bookmarks by Lia Griffith